In the Fall of 2019, the Indiana Supreme Court created the “Indiana Innovation Initiative.”

The Innovation Initiative was established by Supreme Court order to:

  • analyze the research on justice reform
  • assess the impact of reform efforts in other states
  • identify, map, and analyze commonalities and differences in subject matter and process in criminal, civil, family, and child welfare justice systems
  • identify innovative strategies, such as technology, to manage different case types
  • develop specialized procedures for different types of cases involving differing levels of complexity
  • evaluate the potential and actual impacts of specialized procedures
  • launch pilot projects to test
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The Chicago Bar Association (CBA) and the Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF) have created a joint Task Force on the Sustainable Practice of Law & Innovation. The goals of the CBA-CBF Task Force are twofold. First, the Task Force aims to submit recommendations regarding ethics rule changes to the Illinois Supreme Court by the end of the 2019-2020 bar year. And second, the Task Force will then continue to identify, track, and assess ongoing legal innovations and initiatives in other jurisdictions to ensure that Illinois remains at the forefront on these issues. …

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